Week 58 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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fuente de imagen

A warm greeting and a warm hug to the organizers, sponsors and all who participate in the contest 56 this week. It is a contest created by @thedarkhorse and organized by @pifc. A big hello to the sponsors and judges who will choose your publication and featured bloggers. To be winners of an SBI action, this week's judges are: @trincowski, @lynncoyle1, @thedarkhorse and @viking-ventures.

Last week I did not participate in the contest, maybe I wonder why I disappeared and I did not publish EH. Well, the situation is really difficult and I've been working to literally survive this week. I hope to finish the drawing and really my sincere apologies for being so absent in the community.

I would like to invite everyone reading this post to Pimp Your Post. It is a great help that allows you to promote one of your own messages to participate in this great contest.

Congratulations to all the people who participated in week 57. I do everything I can to support the contest and present good blogs.

The sponsors are: @bengy, @andrewharland, @roleerob, @stever82, @thedarkhorse

Curation Style Post that highlights your 2 featured blog posts.
Link to the high quality undervalued (less then $1 earnings at time of featuring) blog posts in your curation post. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
Include a link to this contest in your entry post
The 2 bloggers you curate need to be rank 65 or below
You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how we track everything
You must Upvote and Comment on the posts you are featuring
👉👉Clarification for Quality Required for valid Entry👈👈
We are looking for Quality Original Content and that post spells out what that means. If you are new please read it.

No less then 200 words of original written content. So a single photo is fine as long as there is 200 words with it. 200 words is about 12 lines of content.
** Art posts that show at least 3 steps of progression will not need to have 200 words of content, but still attempt to explain their art. Please use some common sense here.

My entrance

Blogger Nº1 @kendrawing (54)


fuente de imagen

@kendrawing is a cartoonist in realism his technique of shading is beautiful
this drawing of thanos is amazing joined the community of steemit in April 2019

I hope you visit and give great support to his drawings.

At the time of publication it has $ 4.54 and 116 Votes

Blogger Nº2 @unyimeetuk ( 58 )


fuente de imagen

@unyimeetuk is a cartoonist in the realistic style with the coal technique. His technique is very delicate and he has great talent. He joined the steemit community in June 2017.

I hope you visit and give great support to his drawings.

At the time of publication it has $ 1.11 and 74 votes

A cordial greeting to all those who are part of the pay it forward contest, are invited to participate in week 58, come and participate.

May God bless this community.


We made a few changes to the rules as we are trying to focus on posts which are undervalued. We used $1 vote as a cut off at time of being featured. Slightly over is fine like your second blogger, but at $4+ in votes the first blogger wouldn't qualify going forward (but love the art!). We are currently asking for everyone's thoughts on these changes so please let us know on the contest post.

For this week an exception is made and this entry is confirmed.


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 58 is confirmed.

Ooops... I forgot to check mine!

Off to support your features!