A few suggestions regarding our @peakd experience and an issue I have with a public node that needs to be fixed..

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Unless you've been living under a rock or something, you should be familiar with the option to perform a speed test to all public nodes available while using @peakd and select the one that is faster on your end. All you got to do is hit your avatar, hit the tool button and then "nodes benchmark" at the bottom of the left hand side.

Once you complete the test you'll have a clear picture of which node you should set as a default option. The results I usually get look like this:

20200722 19_38_33PeakD.png

20200722 19_39_01PeakD.png

No matter how many times I might run the test the best option is always @pharesim's node and the second best option is @roelandp's. ALWAYS. I guess it has to do both with the location of the server and the place where someone is living in.

Now you may wonder why the hell I've set @roelandp's server as my default option since @pharesim's node seems to be 25% faster, hence my @peakd experience would have been way more pleasant.

Well, 5 or 6 days ago @peakd was down for a few hours...I think. I think I've seen some tweets about it as well....Anyway, I had set @pharesim's node as a default option because it used to be working flawlessly and was fast like hell.

In the meantime @peakd was up and running for everyone...but not for me. Well, it wasn't exactly dead...but no matter how many times I refreshed the page no new posts popped up on my feed. As a matter of fact 2 days later I thought it was still down...WTF? Nobody seemed to refer anything about it so there should be a problem on my end.

Long story short, I run a new node test and decided to select @roelandp's node as my default option, and just like magic...@peakd started working like a charm once again...

The thing is that even though I cleared my cache memory...cookies...even tried a different browser earlier today, the result when I select the fastest possible node based on my location is this....

20200722 21_40_23PeakD.png

screenshot taken with @pharesim's node selected

Those very same posts the moment @peakd went down are on my feed....I don't know if there are reports from other users regarding similar issues with this or any other node enabled, I just thought I should let you guys know and especially @pharesim, who is running the node. If you have a possible solution I'd appreciate your input here bud...

Speaking of @peakd...

You guys are doing a great job and I hope people can push you a bit more so that your proposal can surpass the return proposal and have the necessary funds to keep developing this amazing front end.

A couple of small touches you could possible implement(?)

  • Displaying the voting weight of the voters next to the amount of $$$ on each post would be neat.

  • Add some info regarding the percentage of the daily budget that is being used from the proposals that receive funding. ie 35% of the daily budget is being used ...or...1250 HBD out of 4900...

  • Also, is it possible to implement a function to calculate the upcoming curation rewards same way it calculates the upcoming author rewards?

And maybe fix a small bug(?)

I can't find my name on several proposals I vote for. ie anyx.

20200722 21_58_25Proposals _ PeakD.png

My vote should normally be displayed among those names but it's not. Does my stake even count when it comes to total sum?

20200722 22_00_35Proposals _ PeakD.png

That's all I can think of right now. Keep being awesome people. Together we'll make Hive shine.

I would appreciate a response both from @pharesim and the team behind @peakd.

Have a good one everyone and stay safe.



I can't use Peakd myself. Guessing its because I don't allow cookies, but nothing refreshes for me ever, not even the timers. Never has. I use it to collect rewards as it only requires the posting key to do so, but that's all I do with them.

Hive blog has been giving me issues as well lately. Won't open posts half the time and if I refresh the page to force it, it logs me out.

Peakd integrates with keychain so I guess it's safe to use your active key as well.

Hive blog has been giving me issues as well lately. Won't open posts half the time and if I refresh the page to force it, it logs me out.

Maybe report it to @blocktrades?

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  1. weight for votes has been removed on the API level so we can't retrieve that info to even show. However it's been a very nice change so we won't be pushing anyone to bring it back. (It made things to complicated also it had problems with recasting of votes and it was just extra weight on the API that wasn't helpful enough to remain)

  2. We should do something about APIs that are known to be broken and how to handle the experience for the users who have chosen that as their NODE.

  3. As for not finding your name on the proposal... you'll need to load all voters. What happens is the API is only giving us X number of accounts at a time with each call. We would like that to be changed to get a longer or full list of accounts of voters.
    But perhaps we can make it more evident that the initial list on popular proposals does not account for all the voters. CC @asgarth

  4. As for the curation rewards totaling i'm not certain about that... i'll leave it up to asgarth. But sounds like something for when we work on dashboard upgrades perhaps and give users a place to view this sort of advanced economic stats in one place.

If the node is down, there's not much you can do except send me an email or wait until I find out myself ;)