I'm Feeling Much Better With My Heart

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In my next dialysis I will just take one capsule of Caffeine and the reason for it is I want to wean myself in taking it and will just rely on my nurse's system of setting the Sodium pump high in fact raises blood pressure and that system makes me painfully thirsty.

It felt like I consumed a whole bunch of junk food crisps and it makes me furious because I am controlling my salt intake and here are my nurses pumping my system with Sodium in the attempt of elevating my BP not knowing that I have a system of my own to help my heart get going all throughout the dialysis treatment process so that I can be able to complete it.

So after my session my heart would get so vigorous with its job that my BP is effectively elevated and my pulse running so fast. In theory I can curve it by cutting my Caffeine intake so I will do that from now and it will be my experiment if I can do without Caffeine intake anymore prior to my dialysis.

I just resorted to taking Caffeine because of my hypotension issue that it just affects the quality of my treatment sessions while the main culprit of causing it was left unnoticed for years which is Gabapentin.

I will also have to cut my Sodium Bicarbonate use as well because lately my BP is getting dangerously high it is not good anymore which is why after getting home from my session last Saturday my heart is just working hard. The heart must always not be so strained with its work otherwise I will get a Left ventricular Hypertrophy of the enlargement of the right side of the heart, it will render the heart weak and unable to pump or circulate blood to the body efficiently anymore.

So most of the time I am just staying to be relaxed all the time and protecting my body with a seemingly simple substance called vitamin C. I guess it works because at this time I am not feeling much issue with my heart like pain and all that. So if would feel pain then I guess that I can say that for certain my heart already reached its limit, understandable since I had been a dialysis patient for 20 years already, thanks be to God.

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