Cracks In The Wall

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Once strong, twice weak

With so many happenings all around the world, everyone's dealing with one event or the other, good or bad. Every supposedly blessed day, people wake up to fear, uncertainty and doubt. Not knowing what's coming next deals a heavy blow when it hits. It's either nature does as it wishes, caring less if you are satisfied with what it brings, or we as humans creating irreversible messes in the name of survival.

To be taught by experience is a school of it's own. As rightly said, You can't understand how someone else feels unless you are in the same shoes as them. They won't give you their shoes to wear though, but when life gifts you a similar one to put on, then you'd at least be able to judge better.

Nowadays, I curl my frail body up, alone in a corner of the room and let my mind try to find out if there really is a safe space where I could hide myself and be free from harm and/or pain. Obviously, I'm yet to find one but if you do know of any, don't hesitate to put me through.

9 Months, And Counting

It's already been that long, yet the memories are still vivid. The negative episodes just keep playing repeatedly and serves as a pivot around which my thoughts has been depending. Life, as simple as it looks, can be so complicated. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, whether it be accidents or miracles.

I might have hung around with anxiety for just too long, for the fear of recurrence or something else I can't still identify. The cracks are opening up and causing me to crack up which is a problem I am yet to crack. Miracles may happen, a hope I'm longing for, and my mind could find some peace.

"The cure for pain is in the pain. Good and bad are mixed. If you don’t have both, you don’t belong with us."
- Rumi
Sorry, I can't bring myself to write the negative experience. I've decided to put myself at peace, for what has happened has, and what will happen will.

To End On A Positive Note

It's been a long while I got to write something here on Hive, and so missed out on a lot already. Got enough cheerleading to push me through and I have a feeling that getting back to having interactions with the world outside of mine could be an avenue to patch up these cracks of mine.

Hoping to do better and not fail on my promises...


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You've heard of the japanese art of Kintsugi (or kintsukuroi)?

hehehe... I think that you should check out this - and have a new perspective on your cracks... ❤️

I think I know about the 9 months... but not sure. Either way, you know I'm always here - one of the biggest cheerleaders in your court :)

love you - and always happy to see you writing hehe

Wow! That's a lovely perspective
'Embrace imperfections for it makes you.' is my little summary. Would read up better soon.
And yes! It's most likely that 9 months.
It's good to always have you around. Thanks for being there.

hehehe isn't it beautiful?

they are made more beautiful and unique because of their cracks hehehe

ahhh that 9 months.
well... it is well ❤️

i'm glad to be around hehehe i love you dearly

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