📸 Orange Lily shot with a Macro lens 📸

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Hi Steemians

On this lovely sunny Tuesday I give you this photo.
It is a Macro photo of a Orange Lily.
I zoomed in to get the stamen in detail :)
To me they remind me of choclat :)
Their color is a warm deep brown
with lots of little flakes on them (Pollen).
Amazing what nature manages to create
and thanks for macro lenses that make it possible
to show other people what is inside this flower :)



Thank's to @kalemandra for starting this wonderful challenge.
Thanks to @sardart and @adrianobalan for creating @petals and the #petals contests.
Check the link with the rules for the #petals contests here.

Photo is 100 % own work, taken with a Panasonic FZ1000.
For macro photos, I used the Raynox 250.
Some photos can be taken with my Huawei P10 Lite Phone.
Thank you for taking a look at my photos, have a great day !
If you enjoyed my post I would be happy with an upvote / resteem as a token of your appreciation :)
If you have some feed back for me, please tell because I love to learn and get better :)
Greetings Monika :)




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Good Post! Upvoted!

It's a wonder ♥

Although my color is blue and you have more than a few blue to purple flowers in your list, I am always more drawn to the orange one. Great shot!