Knotilus Chickens ~ Growing Girls and a New Boy

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Hey there!

Here’s a chicken update for you!

These little ladies have been growing fast!
I put together a video to show just how quickly they grow and change in just 6 weeks.

It’s a lot of cuteness all in one vid!

One day I took off my glasses and they freaked out, like I tore off part of my face! 😂
They squawked and screamed and then just stared at them, not sure what just happened.


So cute!

I started setting them up in this cage outside, just to get them used to the sounds and weather and whatnot. They loved every minute!


They’re much too big to fit in my hand anymore. And even the bigger house/cage they’re in now is getting cramped!


I got a new rooster too!


Well, not new exactly.

He’s a silkie that was a gift from a family member. As most of you probably already know, it doesn’t work well when there’s two roosters. And this guy was driving his dad crazy so he had to get outta there! He’s staying in the cage for now but will need his coop finished soon!

I’ve been overthinking the coop a little too much. Yes of course I want it built well, and correct, so I don’t have to rebuild it again in a year because it fell apart, but at the same time it is just a chicken coop, not an actual house, and I need to relax. 😂

But it’s a rather big project, so I’ve been dragging my feet. I think I’ll put together a quick chicken tractor a-frame for summer, that the three of them can live in comfortably for now. Lots of quick designs available out there with open bottoms and no insulation and whatnot, that I can slap together just to have something to house them in for a couple months while the weather is beautiful.

So that’s probably what I’ll do!

Anyway, it’s slowly getting done, and my birds are very quickly growing! 😆

Thanks for reading! ❤️
Take care!

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