Much more than just a good coffee 🐱 a good hearted business!

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Yesterday I was doing some shopping in different parts of the city to get supplies for the week and one of the places I went to was very close to Chinatown, so when I finished, I went there to have coffee and relax for a while.


So when I was done, I went for a walk around there to have a coffee and relax for a while (although for me shopping for supplies is very satisfying, more than buying clothes or any other kind of shopping).


That's when I came across this odd and very cute specialty cafe, which is not just for grabbing a coffee but it is also cat friendly. Its premise encourages the adoption of cats that are without a family. All of that is done in conjunction with a cat shelter that really cares and many people that want to help promote adoption rather than encourage the other option. They really made it a nice place for cats who are waiting for a new owner.


Inside there is a space where the cats can be loose with places to climb and lots of toys for them. They have everything that a good home would offer, including scratching posts, nooks, and sofas (we all know how much they like and need those). They can stay up high and look down on the visitors and maybe even pick a potential owner and then come down to meet them.

It is even heated so that they can feel even more comfortable and want to stay longer there. Whether you want to spend a work day away from home so you don't feel cooped up or just enjoy the place. Cats have many traits and one of them is their calming effect whey they are not burning off energy . They have the ability to bring out your stress.


The place is really nice, the service is very good and their coffee is really delicious. Besides having a nice coffee you have many options of food typical dishes such as beef noodles, katsudon, curry, as well as pastries you might find at most other places.

Located in China Town just west of Palermo under the overpass for the train to Tigre

If you feel like eating typical oriental food or having a good coffee this is a great option. They switch out the cats with others from the shelter so if you do not find your future best buddy today, make this the spot where you chill out often,and maybe next time you will find the feline that you would like to cuddle and share your home with.

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They have many cats waiting for their owner, a good thing to see, I like the way the cat's lie down in their rounded homes, it so cool.

These cats do not have owners but they want an owner to find them. They are all very nice. They never scratch or bite me. I want one so bad but I am not sure if a cat will fight with my dog.

Cat's like to fight with dogs, they're not very good friends.