Constructing of our "Bahay Kubo" (Payag)

in #philippines11 months ago

"Bahay Kubo" or "Payag" is one of the Iconic culture house of the Filipinos.

Last Saturday (Oct. 15, 2021) we continue the construction of our "Bahay Kubo" in our place in the mountainous area of Boljoon, Cebu located at Sitio Balangday, San Antonio. We slowly construct it because we had a work to do during weekdays me and my cousin are the one who help to build this, the reason why we build this is for the upcoming fiesta celebration to said place and this make one as a rest house.


The progress now is 80% we used woods from the trees in the forest, As you can see it's not 4sided lumber because we haven't any equipment just only Machete, We will put bamboo (Lipak) for the Floor and Walling maybe next week we can complete our "Bahay Kubo."


That's it I want to share for today. Thanks and God bless us all!