The Cowardice is over. My 1st dose of Pfizer Vaccine

in #philippines11 months ago

This day Oct. 27, 2021 I decided by myself to have a Vaccine for COVID-19 because it is needed but not for the safety of my health, because this is not 100% effective as I notice to some of my Friends Family, One of their love ones dies because of the vaccine, Since I am young and no health issues, I risk and decided to have Vaccine for the sake of the Government requirements.


I received my 1st Dose of Pfizer Vaccine at the Boljoon, Cebu Gymnasium. After the shot I feel pain on my left muscle muscle, I think it's the needle however luckily I haven't sick, thanks to God!


Our schedule of 2nd dose is on November 17, 2021 hoping to have a good health and safe to whatever movement I have.

That's it for today. Godbless us all!