Why we hate MONDAY?- My Cat Story

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For pips working in a corporate world, commonly they hate Monday. Why? This is the day when reality back to one's sanity and turns their world into a stressful workstation. When the weekend is not enough for a rest and taking quality time each of their loved ones. I have a fulltime work too when Monday comes, a bulk and pending reports must be working it on. For my freelancing career, this day is a rest day because of the EST differential work time. Time management is a bit challenging for me, they say you cannot serve two masters but I replied to them we have a different shoe and it's a matter of flexibility. There's no such thing as one shoe that fits all.

I'm not a morning guy, usually woke up late then began to start my morning rituals (not the witchcraft goth thing). Opened my laptop to browse then tempted opening Mark Zuckerberg site. Found this image that portraits the hierarchy of a company comparing different position using a cat as a medium. Made a fun of it as I relate somehow describing a freelancer, got a big tummy as they call it "Dad Bods".

Quickly, I remember @Zararina who love and have a soul of a cat. In my high school to college days, my family has a cat we treat her as a team member of our home. All white fur with unique eyes her right eye has a blue color then the other left is yellow sometimes changes to green. A sweet cat and no wonder she's a spoiled brat. As we know pets can reduce the stress that's why she's the apple of our eyes and a zoophylaxis. Zoophylaxis! done her big part when my sister flew up to heaven and our cat named "Bullhog" catches the curse. Days when my sister died then our cat follows. It doubles the pain of our family but I'm the only one got the logic since it was tackled in my medical subject. That cat is our savior and we decided not to have a new pet as a replacement. Anyways they were now all angels and continuing praying for their soul.

“It is very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that, whatever you say to them they always purr.” —Lewis Carroll (author, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)


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This is a cute freelancer model.. Hehehe


Ang cute lang talaga ng 'freelancer' 😂

Like the transformation of Puss in the boots in Shrek.

it's monday madness for everyone who's working in the corporate world. i really hate working on a Monday. In fact, I am on sick leave today. Haha.

That cat indeed played a big role in your family.

Haha ikaw pumalit sa akin @enjieneer, hopefully your antibodies cell will do their role. Get well soon my friend!

The best si Freelancer :D

Agree, when you are working homebased grooming and healthy lifestyle is affected. Hehehe