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  Hello steemians… In this post I would like to share some thoughts of my son it's because He was amazed of what we are doing here in #steemit with my wife. 

This evening while we are having our dinner with the family, my 7 years old son Tenshi says something about #steemit.

 He told us that he loved seeing us doing some post here in #steemit, it was so nice compared to facebook. 

Because we can earn something even for a small amount, but it can help a lot for us to have something in our daily needs.  

  Tenshi: What if? I do it also so that I can earn for my school funds and to have my dream bike soon not asking a money from you. 
Me: Well, that’s a good a idea anak (son) you will not only earn there, but you will learn a lot because there's a lot of information you can search in #steemit.
 Tenshi: yes! Papa, cause I am so bored doing a post on Facebook and its only wasting my time for nothing.
 Me: Well its up to you anak (son) do what you want, we are here with your mother to support you with that.
 Tenshi: What should I do first? So that I can post already because I am so excited already to start. 
Tenshi: I know already papa…. What if draw our family and also my dream house in the future, so that they can see my talent in drawing also like you. 
Me: Wow! That’s a great idea anak (son) if that’s what you want, well do it. Just give me your finished work and I will post it later when your younger brother is already sleeping.
 Tenshi: thank you Papa….. Hope soon you can make my own account so that I can post it there by my own.  

 So wish granted my son…. 

Here is the finish art of my son, hope you like it guys… And later I can tell him that there’s a lot who like his work.

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Hope my incoming posts will be an inspiration to my reader and be an informative one. Thank you for the unexpected upvotes, comments and resteeming.    


Nice story, keep steeming! More blessings to your family...

Good motivation and in an early stage, he tries to understand and get involved in what you are doing, Keep it up. Keep sharing. Keep steeming.

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