Makati Digital Currency: Blockchain, DLT and DTL (07 February 2019, 6PM, BlockchainSpace, Makati City PH)

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This is probably the only meetup that will feature 17 (and counting) speakers in one evening, covering a vast array of subjects including technology, economics, law, business, trading, tax, accounting, and even environment.

Updated list of presenters at Makati Digital Currency's DTL as of 31 January 2019, 6:30PM):

  1. Primer on Interplanetary File System (IPFS) - Johan Sten

  2. Tokenization of Assets in the Philippines - Krystian Kucharzyk (Chief Marketing Officer, PDAX)

  3. How to Choose a Blockchain for Your DApp - Chris Verceles (Developer, ConsenSys)

  4. Blockchain Predictions 2019 - Jim Yuan

  5. Lightning Network for Bitcoin - Ramon Tayag (CTO, Bloom)

  6. Why Bitcoin is Not Anonymous - Franco Araneta (Community Development Officer, SCI)

  7. Blockchain: Not a Silver Bullet - JM Elimanco (Product Manager, PDAX)

  8. Is Bitcoin Mining Bad for the Environment? - Luis Buenaventura (Chief Strategy Officer, Bloom)

  9. Getting to know Satoshi Nakamoto - Miguel Cuneta (Chief Community Officer, SCI)

  10. The Startups We Need: What’s Next After Blockchain? - Cecille De Jesus (Founder, Prodigy)

  11. Signs of Emerging Bullish Sentiment for Crypto - Dennis Orellana (Vice President for Operations, Moneybees)

  12. Primer on Scaling: Sidechains and State Channels - Caspar Oostendorp (Co-Founder - Oost & Voort)

  13. Permissioned Blockchain for Settlements - Mark Vernon (CEO, TagCash)

  14. Mean Reversion and Trading - Michael Ngo Dee

  15. How Customers View Blockchain Project and Tokens - Jacky Romorosa (COO, AQWIRE)

  16. Blockchain's Implication on Tax and Accounting - Manny Buensuceso (Senior Manager, Reyes Tacandong & Co.)

17 ) A Critique on the Bank of International Settlements' “Doomsday Economics of 'Proof-of-Work' in Cryptocurrencies” - Rafael Padilla

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