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We are usually overprotective and possessive in everything that we owned. When you buy the most expensive shoes, you don’t want your brothers to wear it not until you don’t want it anymore. If you have a brand new car, it is more likely to happen that you will not allow your friends to drive or borrow it. We don’t want the idea of damaging our favorites because we treat them as precious ones.

There’s nothing wrong to show some extra care to all the things that we have since it didn’t happen in just a quick snap of fingers. From the moment that you married your woman and choose to live the rest of your life with her, you will surely keep her safe every minute because you don’t want to lose her. It’s normal to act in that kind of manner, not only to your girl but in the properties that you owned as well.

This is not always the case; people tend to worry about the things that are not happening yet. Most of us love to daydream every little piece that our heart desires. We are claiming in our head that these fantasies will soon turn into realities. There’s no in between as if it is now or never. They are living with their ambitions and afraid to think that each of their plans will not go according to what they are expecting.

If you are someone with a heart disease, it may be difficult to accept that your illness can be a hindrance to your future. You wish to have a decent work after finishing your studies, use the money to help your family, make a savings account for your retirement, meet a responsible partner, and raise your own children. These are just in your mind but you’re still afraid of losing something that you don’t even have.

Another scenario, imagine yourself roaming around in the mall until suddenly a beautiful bag caught your attention. It’s the only stock that they have so you don’t hesitate to buy it, but unfortunately, your money is not enough. You are afraid that someone will already buy it before the next payday arrives. Feeling hopeless, you went back home with frustrations because you were not able to get what you want.

Why are we afraid to say goodbye to those who didn’t say their hello in the first place? Why do we keep holding on something that doesn’t belong to us? Why are we scared to lose even if there’s nothing to lose in the beginning? I guess this is what we called attachment. We are attached to our intense desires to acquire as much as we can, ending up having the fear of not succeeding in obtaining our ideal future.