Personal Responsibility in the Dynamic Landscape of Reality: Free Will and Individual Sovereignty in a World of Certainty.

in #philosophy5 years ago (edited)

There comes a time in life when one must consider the paradigm they live under. In our current state of affairs, the west must truely consider a shift. A shift concerned with the reconsideration of enlightenment values, a return to true liberalism. Accepting personal responsibility, the duties that go with maintaining individual sovereignty. The idea that our right to think is the most potent agent against tyranny. The fact that the good of the group can be a consequence of individual success, rather than fiat of social construction. It's easy to look at corporate greed and blame capitalism, but to do so while benefiting from a higher standard of living, at almost any stratification of social class, than most other places in the world, seems criminal. Why argue that capitalism causes greed, when we know that banking systems create wealth through debt, and can be manipulated through inflation. At the heart of capitalism lies the same value as liberalism, that individual self worth is the impetus of the system... Production is just as important as consumption, and that it is our responsibility to produce at least as much as we consume. Socialism can be considered, but not through a frame of reference in which central planning is necessary, and enforced via the initiation of violence. Decentralized networks, empowered by individuals, and as robust as the number and quality of the the individuals participating, are the only cure to the folly of absolute power. More than ever we question if our will is our own. We wonder if the voices in our heads are our own, and how our bodies choose to defy or obey. For this reason morality is of paramount importance in a peer to peer network of self governing of individuals. There must be a reconciliation of physical science, and spiritual metaphore. Alchemy can be made possible and reality can be manipulated through the use of symbolic representations. Both matter and metaphore become one. Individual responsibility begets value, so soveirngty and preservation of personal rights must remain the highest virtue, despite the charge of duties. -artwork by Chris Dyer! I do not have permission to use this art, and will remove it if asked to by the artist. I picked it because this image shows multiple dieties embarking on a voyage. To me this is symbolic on multiple levels in its own right. But on the topic of free will I think art ,the ability to take abstract ideas and recast them in your own image, is a good example of free will. It's very hard for me to find the push pull of determinism in authentic artistic expression, despite the fact that our ideas are inspired.


Definitely vibing with most of what you're writing. Though a lot of people don't really understand the more esoteric and Eastern ideas, despite much of Western culture being founded on such in an occulted manner perhaps.

That picture is super awesome by the way! Also.. You can't really ever take any pictures or text down once it's been uploaded, you can only edit and put a new copy in front of the older one which will always be there. Though since you gave credit and aren't trying to sell their image and act as if it's your own, I doubt there will be an issue.
Though, good to remember that anything you post on here is permanent. There is no taking it down.

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