THIS Insanity Must End (Running Out Of Blue Pills)

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We've been warned over and over throughout the millennia, and it is NOW time to do something about IT! Stop expecting the "next generation" to fix IT. The DUTY is upon us today because that is what past generations have done repeatedly. Even if it takes another 10 years to see the results of our actions, spreading the word is all that is LEFT! The planet has run out of blue pills...

98% of kids are born geniuses (another look at abortion)
We want the right to do as we please, but it’s an illusion when looking at the big picture.


I remember when you joined 5 years ago, you were yelling about how the world was going to end in 5 years.

Well, we are still here. What's up with that?

watch your Crypto accounts... Vanguard and BlackRock are shunning cryptos... they must know something you do not

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I don't mind but is this going to resolve the fact that I am shadowbanned?

Even the bots are tired of your bullshit? lolz

Maybe if you stopped posting nonsense over and over again...

nonsernse... the global debt is way OVER 300 trillion ... if you trust the banks are going to keep printing, you are very naive... you are speaking nonsense