On Verbs & Moons


the fact that the word “verb” is a noun, but the word “noun” is not a verb, proves that equality is a lie
verbs are the drey beasts of language
that’s why communists encourage the use of nouns as verbs, towards the equalization of language
rather than liberate the verb through an improved reading, it is preferred to reduce the noun to the same status
another example of treating gold as currency, rather than units thereof
reducing the movement of things to a full stop
as subject to language, the moon is a reflection of human perception and so its movement in the sky needs to be observed, not served
this is why all com(together)mun(moon)ists(doctrine) are lycanthropes, or wolves in sheep’s clothing
the intent is to equalize that which is civil, not that which is wild
a reaction against logos, perceived as a collectivisation of inequality
the collect is to speak together, and language is formed through inequalities that produce momentum
because balance is based in timing, and to collectivise the timing of the moon is to capture its’ power
lycanthropes want to return to pathos, or inequality based in raw power over logos
language subject to the moon rather than the moon subject to language
does the detached capturing of movement in the form of logos incur a debt, due to the momentum based in inequality?
the formation of money as debt based currency would seem to indicate this
and so the communists wish to free this debt by collapsing the logos based system through equalization
and return to pathos based inequality, or law of the jungle
some things to remember:

  • to collect is to speak together
  • you observe one thing to serve another
  • all werewolves howl at the moon

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