Learning to not worry

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If I had to come up with a skill, a special skill that I wish I had completely acquired it would have to be this; The super power of not worrying about things. I'm sure you might think I'm being hyperbolic since it seems like a little too much to call it a super power, but I invite you to entertain the idea for a few minutes.

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Stress and adulthood

A long time ago, almost a lifetime ago at this point, my mother's home had become an empty nest, not really knowing what to do, and with the city becoming more and more dangerous, she explored moving into a very remote location in Ecuador. Turns out this place, Vilcabamba, is already home to a significant amount of expats, and there's one main reason why this is the case it seems; eternal youth?

It's obvious that whatever paranormal thing has been assigned to this place has to have a simpler explanation for my mortal mind, but if I had to guess as to why people live to their hundreds its probably because people live without stress.

Stress, the silent killer, the thing that takes our youth, pounds away at our internal organs. We all know it well, right? So why are people there not stressed?

Turns out, nobody truly knows. It's somewhat cultural it seems, the land being very giving, the weather predictable and the community strong.

The third coffin

I let out a small chuckle when my mother told me she met a man who was building his third coffin. My little brother who had visited my mom at this point got curious about this old man's habit of making multiple coffins and had to know why three.

Turns out the other two rotted away since he kept on living....

Now is this third coffin scenario metaphorically speaking common place anywhere else? I'm willing to bet it's not, but I hope to be corrected.

So what?

Not saying I hold answers here, I have more questions than answers in general, but it seems to me that some wishful thinking is in order these days. More so because the world tends to look chaotic more and more.

We are about to go to another war, the economy is collapsing, the country where I'm living looks like Colombia from the 80's and yet; I have to find a way to keep on keeping on; we all do.


The answer comes to us right before we kick the bucket, maybe it never does, but it doesn't hurt to rant along on a blog every once in a while; Even if it's just to diminish my worry by a tic or two.



Worry is when we take planning for the future too far. It's easy to do, because there's no plan that ever survives contact with the enemy, and we know that, so we keep running alternate plans. It's a necessary skill to make a plan that's good, a nominal plan, and then prepare for it to go wrong and to adapt to exigent circumstances. It's impossible to plan for a plan to fail, however, so it's not a common skill.


Worry seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy, in some ways. The medical and mental health profession seems to think that worry and anxiety shortens our lives, so when we worry about worrying we're actually creating the reality of a shorter life.

So yes, I think that would actually be a wise superpower to have!

Hermosas palabras, parte de ese aprendizaje también, para mi, significo entender que no se pueden hacer mas de dos cosas al mismo tiempo, sin que se pierda calidad o pasión, amor por eso. Entonces es mejor hacer menos, pero con verdadero interés, con verdadero amor y dedicación. Al final del día parece retribuir, y luego, veremos si hacemos otra cosa.