The Paradox

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No, you are not important or significant. That’s the trap of ego talking. You are an insignificant collection of atoms and molecules arranged into patterns of organs called a human being which was given a label (name) in a minuscule sliver of time on a tiny blue dot traveling such a vastness of space you can’t even begin to effectively comprehend its size.

Yes, the absolute unbounded oneness, the abiding non-duality, the Holy Spirit, The Creator, the I AM, etc. is not only within “you” but is “you” and the separation “you” perceive, along with all its comparisons, insecurities, inadequacies, and more is essentially a holographic illusion adopted to enable functioning in the here and now. “You” are not only important and significant, but your expression as a uniquely coded DNA with its individuated unit of consciousness receiving signals from the infinite void represents the entire purpose of the mechanism. Your expression of life teaches the oneness about itself.

A high enough vibration appears to stand still while a slow enough vibration also appears to stand still. They loop back around to each other and are without time. Saying “void” and “everything to infinity” may reference the same concept.

This paradox feels intuitively true for me. At the smallest possible level of focus we are vibrations of awareness, made up of the same “stuff” which emerges as matter from perception. At least, that’s what I’ve come to understand reading various things and connecting with various uniquely interesting people (what I call “multi-dimensional thinkers”). At the same time, in this moment, I sure seem to exist as “Luke Stokes” with a body and mind. I don’t yet understand this paradox on an experiential knowledge level, but many who I have talked to and read regarding these things have gone through experiences, approached with a scientific mindset, that resulted in data points which reveal patterns consistent with this explanation.

So how do we resolve this paradox enough to function? For me, I guess it’s to let go of ego and identity as it can trap me thinking I am actually the character in the play instead of the actor fulfilling their role effectively by acting out the play originally intentioned for participation. Can one actor take more or less credit for the role based on the plot than another actor when all actors were needed, in their unique ways, to create the story?

I don’t have any special answers or advice. I’m just stumbling along like the rest of us. I do have a longing for more understanding, more truth, more wisdom, more love, and being less wrong. By “wrong” I mean inefficient paths and perspectives which hinder the ability to function instead of increase the ability to function.

Here’s to those who see the paradox and are navigating their way through it.

Cheers also to those who embody the “ignorance is bliss” mentality and whose lives also act as examples (warnings?) to push the story narrative along.


…a tiny blue dot traveling such a vastness of space you can’t even begin to effectively comprehend its size.

Odd factoid: as recently as a hundred years ago, most astronomers thought that the Milky Way was the entire universe.

great post! I just heard this dialogue the other day which was very insightful