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Over the last while we've been seeing reoccurring phishing attacks against Hive and other fork-related chains.

Phishing is the act of tricking a victim to click on a link or download something in order to spread malware, scam them or as in this case, steal cryptocurrency.

We are aware of who is behind this. The group that has orchestrated this latest phishing attack is the same one that has been plaguing us since 2017. They are organized hackers who have over 1000 accounts to their name, most belonging to their unfortunate victims. User awareness and an instant response are our best defense and our greatest deterrents.

We would also like to thank @keys-defender, @themarkymark and @louis88 for helping fight the spread of phishing.

Keep an eye out!

If you see this message in a comment, post or any communication, it is phishing:


What can you do?

  • Do not click on the link
  • Warn others not to click on this link or any other suspicious links
  • Spread awareness about the dangers of phishing
  • Make sure you have different keys on Hive, Steem and Blurt
  • Let @guiltyparties know immediately if you think you've been compromised
  • Make sure you know who your Recovery Account is and change it to someone reputable if it's @steem. Any account with its recovery set to @steem is not recoverable under any conditions.
  • Check your "vesting_routes" to see if the location your account is powering down into has been changed
  • If your blog posted phishing messages and you've regained control, clean them up and delete them!

List of hacked accounts

This is the current list of hacked or still compromised accounts.

Help us stop phishing!

You may take this post or a part of it and re-post it, translate it, or do whatever you want with it in order to help get the warning out. Phishing targets users who are trusting individuals and believe that the links they're given are genuine. Hacking targets users who accidentally share their passwords or keys without realizing. This isn't intentional on their part. Warnings help to teach people to be more vigilant.


Appreciate the effort, but the bot seems to be spamming the same warning to the same comment many times. On an open platform people should understand the basic rules of security, not to give away their keys, not to the house, or to some random site.

It is not an easy to ponder the line between overkill and ignorance. It is a pretty fresh platform and having these bot-ads filling the comment section can be annoying. Both the actual phishings and the responses, which cannot be censored if I got it right?

The keys-defender bot isn't ours but we're all working together to get it to where it needs to be. It should be proportionally replying soon.

The same spam WARNING comment keeps on coming again daily, that should not happen I suppose?

thanks for the warning!

Thanks for sharing @hivewatchers keep up the great work

thanks for the info ill will watch out for this kind of posts

List of hacked accounts

Glad I integrated a periodic check of this list last weekend. Perfect timing!

Is this one of the compromised accounts?
Snímek z 20201101 144652.png

Hey my account was compromised and I am now working towards changing all of my keys. Is there anything else I should do?

@dowie is on @guiltyparties's list of phished accounts ❗ ❗ ❗

@hivewatchers, for your safety do NOT interact with the comment above.


More info:

Comment 10% downvoted to make it less visible. This message is self-voted to be more visible among others.


This post says it pretty clearly.

If your blog posted phishing messages and you've regained control, clean them up and delete them!

You got almost 100 messages to delete!!

Thanks for reaching out to me, will update you on discord.

I agree with you regarding Discord. We're actually looking for different systems now. Any ideas?

won't matter. You've already done too much damage.