Tips if you like a fish pond in a minimalist home

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Of the various beauty and natural panorama, have you ever thought to decorate your home with a fish pond?
Of course not only flower gardens, fish ponds are also very suitable and can add value to the beauty and coolness in the yard, which is accompanied by green plants around the fish pond.

Many people make fish ponds in a minimalist home to relax and cool the eyes.
This picture is only one of the many variations of fish ponds. We can choose what fish pond design, or adapted to the shape of the house. Don't forget to combine it with some natural stone decoration decorations, to make it look more natural.

Furthermore, maintenance of a minimalist fish pond is also very important, so that it looks clean, neat, and your fish come healthy because it is free from germs and disease.


Banyaknya ikan besar dikolam air.

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cantik x kolam ikan dirumah adek.

Aduh bang, itu bukan kolam ikan d rumah adek, itu kan hanya sekedar contoh

ooww. bg ngak tahu dek. bg ngak baca isi postingnya tadi. cuma lihat fotonya 😂

Pemandanfan yang indah,dan juga ikan cukup besar besar.

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