A Great Sunset

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What’s up, my Hivean friend?

Would you like to take a trip for a moment?

Come with me.

Location: Praça Ephraim Pinheiro Cabral

Porto Alegre - State of Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil 🇧🇷

You can the location of the picture in 360° by simply clicking here.

Here is an idea of what you will find out:

Photo taken with iPhone 6S.


See you in the future, Pathfinder.
May the force be with you.
Best Regards,


The future is awesome.


Foto tirada com iPhone 6S.

Local: Praça Efraim Pinheiro Cabral

Porto Alegre - Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
Brasil 🇧🇷

Até o futuro, explorador.



O futuro é incrível


Obrigado por promover a Língua Portuguesa em suas postagens.

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