My entry to the PhotoBomb Challenge #124

Hi There.....Do you like to build?

Yes..... I found another weird question again to ask you..... I am starting to love it..... Never mind..... You could say that I am not completely right in the head..... But I just blame the corona 😂

Actually, as a child, I used to love playing with the bricks my grandmother had..... They weren't like the ones you can find today..... They were really simple with a few doors and windows but just straight bricks for the rest of them 😊

There's a cool series on TV now here in Belgium and the Netherlands..... Lego Masters.....8 teams of 2 striving for the title of Lego Master of 2020..... with Kürt Rogiers and Ruben Nicolai running the presentation..... Bas Brederode an expert on Lego was chosen to judge the creations of the teams..... I just love watching it..... It's just incredible to see what these teams can build in a few hours 🙃

But as you probably noticed in my title this building thing has everything to do with the Photobomb challenge from @fibra59 in which the object is to make a photobomb with a brick..... So here below are my entries 😁

made from a picture of Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay
made from a picture of Ryan McGuire on Pixabay
made from a picture of DanaTentis on Pixabay

If you would love to give it a try too..... Here is the link to the challenge

I put a lot more effort into these than into the previous challenges..... So if I am not amongst the winners.....I at least hope that you like them...... And if you don't like them..... I swear..... I am coming to get you and..... You are not gonna like it..... But no..... I suppose that won't help..... You didn't like it in the first place 🤣

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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These photomontages are super fun. Greetings @seadbeady

Tx for the nice compliment :)

Very interesting designs. Well done... and good luck for the contest.

I am quite happy with them myself :)