When Things are Going Black.

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For some is Good Luck and for others Bad Luck.
Let's see what the week brings!
Fingers crossed 🤞 🤞

Technical Information:
  • Canon EOS 400D. - Sigma 18/200mm. Lens.
  • Lighting: Natural. - No Accessories.

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    Wow! Thanks so much! I'll look for the queen 😉😊👍cause the show must go on! 😊

    I hope this is a good omen for the crypto market. Otherwise I'm afraid some people will burn you for bringing the jinx on Steemit. 😂

    😱🙃😱 hahahahh noooo pleaseeee!! 😌 Hahah i hope not to be guilty of that! 😂😂🤞🤞🤞🤞

    Hopefully not! But black cats are not to be mocked of. 😂

    i hope so! :P hahahah no more jokes about black cats and crypto by the way! ;) hahahh

    This is good luck for sure ! ^_^ But the better is still to meet a blue and yellow one ;-)
    8lotixojrp.png and if he has 6 legs.....

    Hahahah sooo cutee!! 🤗🤗🤗 Thanks so much for such a kind comment 😊😍 I will look around in my dreams to find any of these ones 😉✨🐈✨

    You've just met one above ! Your week gonna be fantastibulous ;-)

    hahah :)) that's so great! never had a week like that! i wish u a wondertastic week also! ;)

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    ... things can only get better. It's just a question of when ;)

    🕰️ tic tac tic tac, time goes by so slowy as would say Madonna hahahh 😉🤞

    Y ¿No tienes miedo de la mala suerte? Jajajajaja El otro día un gato blanco cruzó la calle en frente de mi coche pero, para mi, todos los gatos son mala suerte.

    😂😂😂 jajaj hombre pues siendo blanco ya podria traer un poco de buena suerte no? Aunque si se te cruza x la carretera puedes acabar en el arcen cn el jeep sea del color k sea 😅🤞

    Wishing good luck all around! Great capture!

    Hehehh 😊 that's the idea of course! thanks so much melinda! 😊