Beautiful forest

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Mountain climbing is one of my hobbies that seek fresh and unspoiled nature reserves one of which I visited is in the precise forest of Indonesia

tuk visiting this place I visited is not far from where I live alone

To get the results of a natural photo is really very difficult because the place here is so steep steep that I was very afraid to take photos but there was a time I had a beautiful photo on the road I pass

Beautiful wildflowers and beautiful butterflies



Here is my photo of my results for my surface today I hope you like and pray for me to say goodbye to my goals and my friends

Thank you who have stopped in the post may be useful and successful for all of us


Thank you for posting @quencore.

Such beautiful photographs of nature's beauty.....well done.

Yes...I will pray for you....this prayer shall be that you will be introduced to the good news of Christ Jesus. For God loved the world so much that He gave His uniquely born Son (Christ Jesus) that anyone who believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

All the best to you....God's best.


Thank you for your praise hope you increase the success for the future and keep the health always thank you @bleujay :)

great photos and such a pretty blue butterfly :)

Thank you for the compliment @melissakillie

wow very nice your post..