Flying LightPainters part II.

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We bring the Light Painting all the way to the end of the Tunnel

2020_09_24_Hurricane-LP (15)-LR.JPG
Find my full blog article on my website as well here.

Many thanks go out to the team of Hurricane Factory for letting me try my first ever Wind Tunnel Light Painting. Thank you Anna for organizing it.

HURRICANE FACTORY Berlin is the biggest wind tunnel in Germany. If you are on the brave end you can fly in Hurricane Factory with a wind speed of up to 270 km/h. You can book your flight time on their website super easy.

Anna Galperin is a skydiver since 2006 and jumped out of a plane over 3000 times. Her expertise lays in disciplines like Free Flying, Angle Flying, Dynamic Flying. Tunnel flying just comes naturally for her.

Her interest beyond just flying brought us together. Thank you for your interdisciplinary interests.


2020_09_24_Hurricane-LP (2)-LR-2.jpg

For our second night in the Wind Tunnel, we already advanced be inviting Kat Pudenz and Natalia Cerqueira and a guitarist to round up our small little artist gathering. We had drinks and snacks to get into the mood. Most important now; we have to super experienced skydivers Anna and Kat. With our learnings from our Juli/2020 test flights, we went again playing more with shapes and techniques.


Before we begin we need to strengthen our mind and body. Anna and Kat came and set the stage with “room service”. Do you see these happy faces? After that, we can work properly and go for the briefing. We tried to see if we can understand each other’s languages indoor skydiving-flight terminologies and what could possibly work in a photograph.

Get comfortable in the air.

At first both got comfortable flying together and being lt up by me. Both of then needed to get used to the fact that I will point strong flashlights at them during them spinning in the dark tunnel.

After a few tests, we figured out that we would have some 7-15 seconds exposure time at F20, ISO 50 for decent results.


Light Painting the Hurricane of Light

Not to be all clueless and having no aim we set one goal. We wanted to create a tornado or better here a Hurrican of Light. Anna and Kat were supposed to fly close together on the bottom and then spread out to the sides as they fly higher and higher.


Find my full blog article on my website as well here.

I hope it was informative and maybe also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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