Last time under the bridge - Fire Light Painting.

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When it rains you find shelter under the bridge.

That's where we played with the fire and the reflection.
Time to show you the last of the under the bridge series.
In this shot, I walk behind her from right to left and trigger the camera with one hand and hold the fire in the other. This way I can decide what is in the shot and whatnot. If there was another assistant I could have asked to open and cover the lens when needed.

Yet it's not for the thrill of the fire but for creating art. Creating firey light sculptures through Light Painting. Every time you move the fire stick the shape is different. The fascination of the fire is that it's every time different. The brain looks for patterns and here in the photos, we can see them.

This shot I have shown you about six months ago.

This shot came to life during a rainy summer night when it was super safe to do this. No danger of inflaming the forest nearby.

How to do the fire Light Painting?

If you are interested in more Fire Light Painting follow this link to my website to see some more examples.

The tool I used was an aluminum rod with a Kevlar rope that is then lit with lamp oil. Of course, the Kevlar does now look black after it burned one time.

I hope it was also inspirational. If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

If you are interested in more of my art please also see:
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Fire wings are spectacular!! As you said, every time the fire is i guess you never get boring with fire :)

!discovery 30

Yes, that's the idea. I am super excited about next month. Another friend is getting into the fire arts and we will organize a small Fire and photo Jam. That will be a nice source of Light Painting and video content I hope.

Definitely!! Have fun!! :)

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Looks like it could be a cover poster for a movie. did anyone get burnt or was it tasking getting this shot?.

I always kept a safe distance to here. The flames are also not very big. It just looks bigger when I move through the frame. Glad you like this shot.

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