Nature as an Artist... gallery

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Hi Friends!

If You feel the lack of inspiration, look around - nature is a mine of ideas, inspirations, abstract art and beauty.

I picked some random shots from my collection, showing more or less abstract images created by Nature.

Mix of colors, forms, shapes, patterns... all of them are everywhere - take a closer look sometimes, look around You, I am sure You will find many of such.

Have a nice weekend!



















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Stunning , wow .
In my blog nature as artist plays also a mayour role , it ist the fjord producing its art , which I have the pleasure to cover .


Thanks for the comment, we can find such beauties everywhere in the world.

I Love everything about this post. no word for your photography style. God gifted. ❤️
super epic. Love it!

Thank You very much for Your support :)

most welcome dear. you are talented photographer.

So beautiful, I really enjoyed looking at this gallery. Visionary.

Thank You, happy to read this!

Wow what a stunning gallery!

Thanks a lot! :D

Mother Nature is an Amazing and Awesome Artist🎨🌞. My favourite!
Beautiful collection of inspirational images !

Nice, Thank You :)

These shots are spectacular!

Great You liked it! Thanks!

Omg! What a beautiful photos!!! 💜 Nice weekend for you too! ✨

Thank You, great to know You liked it!

Great shots mate, I love those textures!

Thanks a lot!