Norwegian Landscapes - Forest creek

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Hi Friends!

Exploration is a key to success in most cases - I came to this location to shoot the huge Henfallet waterfall, but when I was crossing the river to get to the good spot with a view on the big fall - I spotted this small falls on the forest creek next to me.

The position of the rocks were perfect, making the water flow in a different directions.

Green forest, summer vegetation around, made it looks like a jungle - boreal jungle of some sort ;).

I really loved the composition of the river, stones and flowing water around them.

I made a couple of shots - aiming to get the whole scene in a wider view as well as more intimate look at the stones themselves.

It is impossible to pick the best framing - every single frame is different showing a different view on a scene - which one is the best for You guys - if You have any thoughts let me know in a comment!

Hope You enjoy the location and the shots :).

Have a good day!

Place - Henfallet waterfall area in middle Norway, middle June 2022.




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