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Hello. It's been a while! I've just returned from 2 months photographing in India. A long trip. It was hellishly hot, and the first three weeks were literally too hot to do anything. And I got Covid as well.

Photographically speaking, compared to my previous shorter trip to India, it was a bit of a let down. I just didn't find a lot of characters to photograph. However, I did get some I'm happy with in terms of documenting the range of people I saw there. I've included a selection in this post. One that I'm particularly happy with is the first image below - some sort of ritual going on in the holy waters of Ujjain. Unfortunately, no one in the small crowd that had gathered spoke English, so I was unable to find out what exactly was going on. But it was intense. The lady was groaning and whipping her head around in a frenzy. And then she pulled out a knife! Obviously not super sharp, but sharp enough to draw blood on her tongue. If you have a look at the next image, you can see he necklace consisted of tiny skulls. A dark ritual to be sure.

edit: hmm, not displaying with sharpness. Click on the images to view in the carousel where they are sharp.



















Hello welcome back! And really sharp photos!

Glad to see that you're traveling again. I might travel/move to different cities next year.

Do you ask permission for these portraits, or just take snapshots of people in public when the opportunity presents itself? I don't even know what photography etiquette or Indian cultural attitudes are on the topic.

For the close up portraits I do ask. Indians always seem happy to have their photo taken. I rarely get a no. They also love taking selfies with westerners. There's a bunch of Indians with pictures of me on their phones. 😄

Wow I am a huge fan of photography and these portrait photos are superb.
You could share more of your photography on Inleo as threads and I am certain you would have lots of activity on it.

You haven’t dropped a thread in December and I hope you’re fine. Why don’t you try dropping a thread today I would be super excited to have there. Let me know what you think.

https://inleo.io/ here’s the link