Landscapephotography with Horses

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Horses graze in a paddock.
Most are maroon.
No gate protects the shy flock,
an electric fence can do that.


A stallion caresses a mare.
She shows her shoulder and stays cool.
She neighs loudly and I guess
she has no sympathy for him.

The foals loll in the shade.
The monkey heat goes around.
Resting is recommended
and none makes the hooves crooked.


In the evening the longed-for breeze.
That is a lot of fun for the horses.
And you spread out on the meadow.
Whether young or old: you bite the grass.



Beautiful ..

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Dear @v-siniarski, Are the horses and meadows in the picture in Germany?

Yes in Germany 😉🙂

It would be nice to have these animals at home, the home functions of friend but the vehicle,000s!

Admiration.I like horses.You know ?- they have panoramic vision.