My Edit at @jarvie 143 mp shot

in #photogames3 years ago

By chance I stumbled across this post and thought, "Hey, wow! 143 megapixels, just the thing to see what the new MacBook Pro can do" And, hell yeah, it can.

I loaded the original DNG into Lightroom and did my usual 5 minutes of editing: Exposure, Depths, Dynamics, Contrast and a little haze removal and texture up. Not much needed as Sigma lenses do a very good job!


After that I loaded the image again in LuminarAI to see what the M1 chip does in this program. I only used a little Orton effect and a LUT here. The result is the second image.


Dear @jarvie the next time please a few pixels more, the MacBook shows itself completely unimpressed. I hope you like my contribution and I hope it goes into the rating.