Panorama, And The Name Says It All...

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It's been two years since I've been to Serbia. We're actually neighbors in here. I'm basically living right across the Danube but due to the absurd covid restrictions we've had for the past two years, I couldn't get there.

I love the country though, the people are nice, the views in the villages nearby are as spectacular as here and the food is great.

Oh, and they also speak Romanian, so it's easy to get along with them, order the food, and have a great time.


photo_2022-07-10_19-31-53 (2).jpg


This dinner was all about fish today. By the look of it is more like lunch, a typical balcanic lunch, but we were all in the mood for fish and you can't have better fish in this area than the one they have in Serbia.

Hence we had fish soup, backed fish and potatoes, and some water for me(the driver) and beer for the rest of us.

photo_2022-07-10_19-31-54 (2).jpg



The restaurant with the nice view where we stopped to eat is called Panorama and I guess the name says it all. You get a great view of the Danube from over there, there's almost no noise and the air is as fresh as possible.

We drove for about 20 kilomters to reach that place and it was sure worth the time spent. I wish I would have made a video on the way back, but too busy driving. Maybe next time.



BUT, I couldn't stop myself from taking a pic of this great sunset. I love sunsets. So, that was about it for this weekend. Hope you're having a great Sunday and see you next week.

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That location looks amazing and so does the food. I did not expect to see a palm tree there.

The palm tree is not typical for this area. So buy and grow them even in here, though.