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Hello friends, this time I want to share a little about my experience when I arrived at a monument in the Sabang archipelago, when we were in the city of Sabang, it felt incomplete if we didn't go to this place, this zero kilometer monument is one of the tourist center for vacations, visiting the zero kilometer monument Indonesia is a special pride that we are already at one end of the country of Indonesia, this monument is located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia, in fact if we explore further, Pulau Weh is not the zero point of Indonesia, there are still other islands around Pulau Weh, but a little difficult to reach, that's why this monument was built on Pulau Weh, making it easier for tourists to enjoy easy access to this place

This monument has been renewed from the previous monument, bigger and taller, and on top of the monument there is a rencong, symbolizing the characteristics of weapons that are full of royal history owned by Aceh.

Anyone who comes to the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Monument certainly cannot be separated from taking fun pictures, ignoring the momentum when they are at zero point, as well as myself who had several times taken selfies at the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Monument. so little story that I share today hope friends like it










Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationSabang,Aceh - Indonesia


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