Yellowfin ornamental fish

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Hello all friends, this time I want to share a little what I do when I have free time, while walking around the beach, I see some people fishing, then I approach them to see and talk to them , fishing is really very exciting, especially the place is filled with various fish, yupps on Pulau Weh or SABANG is one of the places or paradise for fish, here there are thousands of kinds of beautiful fish, from the results of my chats with anglers, they say, in the waters Pulau Weh, the fish here are protected, it's not arbitrary to catch them, if they violate them of course there will be a fine they will pay because they are considered to be able to damage the fish ecosystem in the waters of Pulau Weh

Suddenly one of the anglers got a very beautiful fish, this fish is one of the ornamental fish that is here, they call it a yellow fin ornamental fish, this fish lives in coral reef areas, I had time to take some pictures of this fish before being released back into the sea , because these fish are not their target, and in the waters of the Sabang Sea these ornamental fish are always fed to maintain their sustainability, and many tourists who visit here to dive see the beautiful underwater beauty with various ornamental fish on coral reefs. I hope friends like what I share for all friends




Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO Reno6
LensLens Smartphone
LocationSabang,Aceh - Indonesia


How great that they returned the fish to the sea, I feel it was very wise, because for a moment I thought that they had caught the fish to not return it, that would be very bad also because it is such a beautiful fish that just seeing it reminded me of the one that appeared in Finding Nemo, but look at the funny side of how that fish told his companions that the humans kidnapped him, took pictures and then returned him to the sea.

hehehe, in the waters of Pulau Weh, ornamental fish are protected, and very different from other places