Kuvajoulukalenteri – Photo Advent Calendar (2/24)

in #photographylast year (edited)

Hei taas! / Hello again!

Kirppareilta voi löytää kaikenlaista kivaa joulukuvien taustamateriaaleiksi. Tässäpä tuleekin joulukalenterin toinen kuva!

From drift shops you can find plenty of cool things to decorate your X-mas photos with. Here's the second photo in this christmas photo calendar.

Nähdään taas huomenna uuden joulukuvan myötä! / See ya again tomorrow along with another X-mas photo!

Posted from ambifokus.cc photo blog with Exxp : https://ambifokus.cc/blog/2021/12/02/2-24/

Very nice contrast! Your camera is super sharp!

What's the effect you use to blur the image? It seems great, I mean when we can see the original after the blur image.
By the way, I hope to see you at discord for a moment!


Hey! It's very easy. On Darktable I use the lowpass filter, and just adjust the size of the radius slider.

I'll get on discord tomorrow.

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