Coming back, once again...

in #photography2 years ago

A lot has happened since I first joined Steem, from Dan leaving to seeing ads on Despite the bad news, I have never been able to leave, I visit this steem explorers at least once or twice a week.

My Steem Power has been idle for quite a while since I have been busy working on other blockchain projects, but today I decided to start supporting photographers who post their work in the #photography category.

I hope you guys are good, you are still the greatest crypto community out there.

Steem on peeps!


I just joined so hopefully we see a rise in activity here because it is way more effective than other platforms to truly reach your audience in a meaningful way it seems. Looking forward to sharing my photography and insight with all of you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Welcome back!

dude i were looking for you since a month, wth?

Lots of cool photography here. I just take snaps, but I like seeing what others do. Enjoy.

What are you working on?:)

EOS Argentina mainly, how about you?

Proof of Life, huh?
You have missed SteemFest. Again.
How dare you? ;-)

I was decided to go! but it was soooo far away :(

I can not stop to post daily :)

Good to see you back in the STEEM space.

Thank you for your support! I love photography and I guess, that is one of the reasons why I am still here. Lets hope the situation improves eventually.

Thanks so much for you support for the Shadow Contest Winners post! It is very much appreciated!

Welcome back.

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Nice thinking and have a good day of you.

Great seeing you back on The Chain, @chitty!

well it doesn't feel the same steemit anymore

I've been posting daily thanks to @actifit. That and @steemmonsters has kept my interest in Steem going through the bear market. I almost don't want the price to start going up, as its been great getting more Steem than I thought I would be able to.

Welcome back, @chitty, and thanks again for your encouragement, today!