Tiny flowers on the my friend house

in #photography6 years ago

Viewing this flower at home my friend, immediately thought of a photo content Steemit posts, I think this is the first once, the type of interest in the post on Steemit, sorry ... if you have already a photographer who in advance made the posting. Quite frankly, I don't know the name of this flower.

when I made this photo, breeze blew leaves overwhelmed me set the angle image capture are too close, from the 17 pieces I took a photo, and this is one of the best pieces.

This photograph inspired by photos of flowers which I guess last week on Steemit trend, I want to make a photo of flowers like everyone else. I worked hard to learn to be a photographer, even though I was only with a smartphone products from China. I may develop into the real photographer.

I don't understand the EXIF data camera, like other photographers include them, but I will explain the process of making this photo was taken at a distance 6 inc with the an object, and turn on the flash.

Hopefully population Steemit Community is pleased with my work.

here I am really excited