Totally agree with You. And believe me I have been changing as much as I can. But everyone have different life circumstances and you can't simply change like that. Everyone have a different reality. Once again. This is meant to be an uplifting post and to motivate People to get out of that routine. And i am a natural complainer. Lol i complain about EVERYTHING lol

It's funny that people upvote your comment, but don't upvote mine.

It's that mentality of being a victim, and when someone tells you that you should get a grip, you automatically get defensive.

My comment was also supposed to be uplifting, sorry if it didn't seem that way.

I agree to some extent that a few people have life circumstances that just don't allow them to change. However, most people are held back by nothing, or at least by obstacles that can be surpassed. But they choose to "accept their faith", do nothing, and complain.

You came up to aggressive. And people probably relate more with someone that have been trying and havent yet being successful than to someone that just say to stop complaining. I have worked all my life and always have been trying to improve and get better. Investing in myself to get a better life and do what i really want. Working my ass off to just survive. Right now i am on my way to a job that i dont love. I have fever and i am still going to work because i want something better for me and i need that money to invest in other things that i really love to do. So you should never come that strong before know more about the person life.

Fair point.

Get well soon, buddy. I wish you all the best in life

Ehehe I wish You the same. Everything will be alright 😁