Colorchallenge - Monday Red: Burial Shroud of Han Dynasty King of Vietnam

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Zhao Mo was the Chinese ruler of the Vietnamese Kingdom during Han Dynasty. He died in 122 BC. They buried him in over 2,000 Jade pieces sewn with red thread and filled the tomb with other jade pieces because they thought it helped his soul pass to the afterlife. The pieces were recovered from his tomb in this shape while the red silk had mostly disintegrated. The original jade pieces were reassembled with new thread when the tomb was discovered in the mid-1980's.

His tomb in Guangzhou and the museum around it were simply amazing to see. It's remarkable because it is one of the oldest most intact tombs ever unearthed. It was declared a major historical site, and has many ancient artifacts including this one that are one of a kind insights into the Han Dynasty and other ancient Chinese culture. I'm going to post more on some of those artifacts in the future.


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wish i get to go there to see it. i love history.
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Please do! Very interesting, and surprising that a grave could remain un-plundered that late. Great post.

Wow, thats actually really cool. Thanks for sharing that.

What an incredible piece of clothing. It is amazing how different cultures honor their leaders.

I like to read history). Thanks!