1930-1932 Maple Leaf Pictorial Stamps

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Taking a little detour today on the usual Canadian Rockies or Sunset pics. One of my interests/hobbies besides hiking is our beautiful Canadian Stamps. I really like the older versus the newer ones. There is just something so special about them. It sorta of takes you back in time, imagining how things were back in the olden days. This particular groups of stamps were issued between 1930-1932. The one dollar stamp is commemorative of Edith Cavell, a nurse from World War One. It just so happens I have also done some hiking on that mountain in the past, and its located in Jasper national park.











I am a stamp collector. Canadian classic stamps are very nice (and expensive).

Sometimes its better to look than to buy.

That's true.
The stamps that you show in your post are quite beautiful and in excellent condition (mint and not rust spots). Are they hinged?

No, these are not!

Ah, another stamp collector on Hive!

Yes, the older Canadian commemoratives are quite beautiful. Seems like they put more effort into the art of stamps, back then. I think my favorite Canadian stamp is the 50c with the "Bluenose" ship.

1900-1950 or so certainly are the best looking in my opinion (minus the king and queen ones).

Those stamps are rare.

Some of them, but not all.

This was a pleasant reminder of good times from my childhood. My uncle was an avid stamp collector and got me into it as a child. I have fond memories or going to the stamp meet ups where there would be huge collections on display and a lot of buying and selling.

I grew up collecting stamps too, recently got back into it.

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