1946-1947 Peace and Reconversion

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Taking another detour from the usual Canadian Rockies stuff, I present to you this set of five beauties. They were released to commemorate the transition from Wartime to Peacetime. Back then, 20 cents bought you a lot more than what you can purchase with it now. Can you even buy anything with 20 cents other than a small piece of candy?











You can buy a cab ride from your back yard to your front yard maybe.


I like how it seemed that stamps commemorated nationalistic events...points of national pride. I guess nowadays there would be no consensus as to what is national pride anyways!

That’s for sure. Pride is a relative term!

That 7-cent stamp with the goose was one of the very first Canadian stamps I got, as a kid. Growing up in faraway Denmark, Canada seemed soooo far away, and so exciting and exotic!

It's cool that you're doing a few of these posts!

Yeah, the goose is also one of the first stamps I ever bought as a kid. Love that one.

I enjoy this series of posts showing your collection of classical Canadian stamps.

Glad you appreciate it.

20 cents certainly doesn't buy you a lot of lovin' these days.

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