Hey man, I don't mean to throw you under the bus or anything but isn't this a repeat of another post from 2 months ago just in a different order? I noticed that if I scroll through your account I can see many many extremely similar shots just from the thumbnails.

Idk if you care or have dealt with this in the past but I don't want to see you start to get bullied by Jaguar or any of those other plagarism fighting accounts. Keep up the good work. That huawei cellphone camera is absolutely amazing.

When I say Classic in the title, then it is a photo that was posted before ( a couple years ago), and it says Samsung galaxy S7. When it is a "Saskatchewan Sunset" then it is new. Show case Sundays are all reposts too. Love that Huawei Leica collaboration! Btw I like your blog, you got a new follower.