The Colour of Trees

in #photography11 months ago


Here are a few photos displaying the beautiful colours of the mountain trees. Rawson Lake, Kananaskis Alberta area to be specific. Fall is one of the best seasons to view these spectacular colours! What is your favourite season?


Camera: Sony A7R III 42MP
Lens: Sony 24-105mm f4 G OSS



Hey , those look the awesomest,like a violet colored trees in there. My favorite season is summa.,about 74 degrees. What is your favorite?

I've got to say, summa is my favourite. Unless it is too hot.

Yes, so if we keep it about 74 degrees

precioso paisaje😍

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haven't seen scenery like that and it's so glorious!

It was, thanks for looking.

They are so colorfully delightful! Cool shots!

My season is spring and the season of joy, which brings snow. Don't make me choose. :)

"Season of Joy" would make for a great post title!