ISLAND GROVE- Abandoned Not Forgotten

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Abandoned and Forgotten

Today I take you on a trip to a town in Alachua County, Florida USA named Island Grove. There are a handful of people who still live here but the majority of the town is in great disrepair.

This is an old church. It is closed off and looks to be collapsing from the middle of the structure

A few lots down across the street from the church was this little house. Most definitely falling apart and the earth is slowly reclaiming jt.


This is an old abandoned orange packaging where house. It is located right by the train tracks so fresh oranges can be shipped out of the state.



I am not too sure what this was but it looks to be another house. There was no clear evidence on why it was in this state. No fire damage no tree damage.

Here is another view of the church in the first photo. I bet this looks awesome inside. I wish I could have gotten inside.

These next two photos are 2 more abandoned houses that the earth will reclaim shortly. One even has some random goat scavenging for scraps of whatever it decides it wants to eat


Finally a look at the train tracks. The tracks are still active and run down the state of Florida all the way south!

Do you have any hidden abandoned towns where you live?

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All photos are taken by me on my Nikon D3400 edited in LR with custom presets.


I love to see old towns like this. I grew up in similar ones and it always brings back memories for me. It is so sad to see them falling down though. Great presentation.

Thanks. I have visited many abandoned places here in my home state. I hope to do some more traveling to capture these moments before they are gone

I know it's definitely sad to see the town abandoned and falling apart, but also incredibly intriguing at the same time. I happen to adore looking at old, abandoned buildings. We have a couple places around here - old Fort Dupont is nearby, as is Yorklyn that I think I want to go back to in the fall (which would be any time now, really).

Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your reply.. i am very intrigued with the history and often wonder what the people were like who lived there and why things became such a dismay

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