💃Halfway There!

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This was from after the performance last night. Aren't they just totally adorbzzz! Luna had already changed out and they all got pink carnations for their dedication. 2 more today, gonna be a long Saturday. Have a great weekend my humans!

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YES... They are ADORBZZ
And beautiful-cute-precious and a total fest of CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😍
Love the picture and their happy smiles... Melting over here.

Thank you for sharing and hope today goes smoothly.

🤗🌹😘 Love

Got a massive one coming of all the (better) pictures I was able to get. Just need to find the time to put it out 😇😘🤗

Oh those smiles. You will look back for years and have to smile looking at that pic overflowing with joy and pride.

You are more than a pimpin witness!

A stiff drink at the end of the day is what this doctor is going to prescribe.

One thing I love about this chain is it will be here!

The sweetest smile I've seen on the hive. How nice to be young, isn't it?

Got that right my man!

Aww! Three perfect little cuties you have
right there!
How were the rest of the performances?
Hope all is going well with you!

Pretty good, there was one jazz one with a hat show and then a modern one that used flashlights that was pretty neat. How are you?