Moon Bridge

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Hand held night shots anyone?

I went for an evening walk, afternoon for me really but it was just after the sunset. I took only my little Fujifilm camera with me, "just in case", but didn't intend to shoot anything. By the time I noticed the almost full moon and clear night sky, I was too lazy to turn back to get either of my big boy cameras.

Along my little walk, I counted 15 other people taking pictures of the cityscape and moon with their cellphones, and one person had a real camera. I wonder if any of us got good pictures, I think no. One would really need a tripod, a long fast lens and all that hassle. Moon pictures are rarely any good, that sucker only looks awesome in real life. Anyways, I tried.







I would be really proud with the first two. What settings did you used to shoot them?

I had ISO 1000, f/2,5 and 1/3s.

Ooooh, these are awesome shots! Since I don't have a proper camera, night shots are something that for now, I just have to enjoy other people's photos. The one with the uninterrupted view of the city skyline is my favourite. Also, what's that cube in the bottom there, the Tesseract? 😄