Pirate's Wife

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It's been forever since I last took self portraits, been busy and all that, but I got inspired couple weeks back and finally had time to execute my vision. I got inspired by the hammock my man set up and envisioned an old school wooden ship, with me as a tanned and jewelled pirate as the main character. I do love to play dress up.

For once I actually took great care and time to plan and execute my vision, first just thinking about what I would want and need, and then gathering supplies. The gun was on loan and the only thing I actually bought for these photos was the heavy robe, everything else I already had in my stash of odds and ends. I can always use some random stuff on my self portraits, so it's a great excuse to hoard shit.

It took me several days of preparing for these photos, from setting everything up, to tanning my skin and to waiting for straight sun from a certain angle. I shot for something like three hours and I'm pretty happy with my shots, there will be another patch of photos too, probably in black and white.

Photography, modelling, hair, makeup, wardrobe, the works all by yours truly.








She's down for some action too!


Hi @eveuncovered

Very nice photos. The ideas and concepts are also very mature. Your sacrifice prepares everything, commensurate with the photos you get.

"Sacrifice never betrays the result"

Thank you very much!

I’m happy to report that I survived without any major sacrifices, other than time and a few little scratches.

Pirates didn't have revolvers.... LoL!!!

They did have the old single shot muzzleloaders.

Other than that small little fact absolutely amazing work.

Amazing photography thank you very much for sharing.

You know there are still pirates around to this day and they have AK47? The biggest inaccuracy is the fact that there is a woman onboard 😅

They have better than ak47... They have the newer AK-74 and others as well as rocket propelled grenade launchers.

And depends on the Capt. They sometimes brought women. And sometimes there was women among the crew.

Well yes of course there were exceptions but way back when it was supposedly bad luck.

I’ve been meaning to watch Black Sails, maybe I’ll binge it next winter :)

You really should go start watching it now because it really is that good if you haven't seen it and absolutely based on real life and real people.

And pirates were actually a very open bunch. Look up black sails the tv show. It's based on the history. Pretty crazy... Just no revolvers.

These are all so great... but the last one is honestly spectacular. It's a straight up movie poster.

Super well executed... I can't imagine how many shots you have to take to get everything right... being directed by a photographer is so much easier but I'm sure less satisfying.

Thank you so much! The last one is my favourite too and I was super excited to have created that.

I can tell you so you don’t have to guess, I took 415 photos, half of which went to trash immediately. It’s all worth it when you get that one shot with the IT-factor.

The Photos are really amazing and I hope it gets more audience

Thank you! I hope so too, it’s always a shame if there isn’t an audience for when I actually put out some proper content.

Pirate Eve works well!

Thank you ex-mohawk!

Mohawk's still there :)

You didn't have it last time we saw, or did you? 🤔

I've been lazy with the maintenance at times. We probably saw when it had been a while since I had trimmed the sides.

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oh wow

Thanks 🏴‍☠️



Always up to breaking some hearts 😈💁🏼‍♀️

Those are absolutely great, love those photos!! In general I really enjoy your selfportraits and what you come up with, the way you dress up, the atmosphere, the angles..:) also to add the details without you in it really completes the whole story, love it!!:)

Thank you so much! I’m really happy you paid attention to the extra photos because I’ve been meaning to add stuff like that but always forgot until now.

Hahaha this is some real action I have to admit. The result of this hard work paid off because you absolutely nailed it and looked absolutely stunning. My favourite is the 4th picture on the post. I love the sit up, the fierceness of your look yet irresistible. This is absolutely wonderful. I love the way the sun kissed your side view and your hair. The sun must be jealous of having you compete.

I really can't wait to see other pictures. This is really refreshing....coming from someone who loves pictures a lot.

I love the side view shot too...the 6th image.

Stunning pictures

Thank you so much!