Toxic Sky


Didn't move north for nothing!

Dis the season people, aurora borealis are here! The most magical natural phenomenon that is so entertaining every single time.

We don't live all the way in Lapland but far enough north that there is a pretty good chance to see northern lights. There is quite a bit of light pollution in the immediate vicinity of our home because we live in a small village, but in clear condition it's alright.

The man and the dog came from an evening walk to tell me that there are pretty little green lights on the sky, so of course I scrambled to get my gear and pointed the camera to the heavens.

To be transparent, these shots are with shutter speeds between four and ten seconds, so you know that the show was not anything like this in real life. The lights were quite faint and I probably missed the best of it and would have had to go further into the dark.

Northern lights are a rare thing in terms of photography where the picture is most often better than what the reality was for the naked eye, usually it's the other way round.





Shot with the Nikon D750 and Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8.


Zombie skies!

If only!

I know right?

Looks toxic yet the most beautiful creation of nature

Exactly :)

How lovely. Indeed, some things never get old. Like looking at a full moon, or watching a rocket go off. Looks like you caught a shooting star in that second to last one - another thing that never gets old seeing.

...some things never get old. Like looking at a full moon, or watching a rocket go off.

Or seeing Ginny pop up out of nowhere. 😊

Ha! Thanks.

I second that!

Well hello there! Yes I got lucky and noticed later that in quite a few of the photos there were shooting stars.

That is very cool. I love to look at your life from our vast distance. Your village sounds lovely, and clearly your skies are even more so.

scary as shhht. venturing into those woods, at night, under a completely visible sky like that (not using the camera to see that) must be quite the adrenaline rush!

Haha I wasn’t in the woods, but even if I was, it really isn’t that scary or adrenaline inducing 😂

ok, the sky is a bit too bright, but still, if the ground was as dark as the last image looks it, id definitly be running 😄