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Did you know your brain doesn't work the same as anyone else? No two brains can ever be identical. You can look at this from many perspectives, nobody else will ever think the way you do, but then you will never think the same way as anybody else. Take a moment and try to understand what that really means.
We can think we relate or try to understand each other, but that is only our perspective. Our realities could be totally different from the next. Who knows, all this could be in my head. Then again, it could just be in yours too.
Do you believe in free will? Do we have or do we not? How could something like this be proven?
It's too easy to be told how to think. I encourage those who read my stuff to try to think outside the box. When you've come to a conclusion on anything, try to see it from a different perspective before moving forward with an action plan.
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Incredible pics, nice work!

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