You've gotta spend crypto to make crypto!

Good evening, Steemit! Last night, I missed an evening post; my first time in weeks since being back from Australia. I paid the price for the late night Steemit blogging. My post schedule was sliding back further and further, at midnight, then 1:00a.m., then 2:00a.m. A couple of nights ago, I shared some new work around 2:30a.m. Afterwards, I laid in bed wide awake, with my mind racing. I wasn’t able to fall asleep till almost 6:00a.m. I missed “…my window”, a term I usually reserve for my son after 9:00p.m.

So, tonight, I’m posting earlier. I woke up, somewhat rested, this morning and called the Apple Store to check on iPhone 11 Pro inventory and they did have a few. I asked @guthrie to get dressed and we headed over to Rosedale Center. I didn’t even think it’d be an option right now as @lovejoy and I have been calling this point of our lives “bear market rules”. Apple was offering pretty good trade in values for iPhone X’s, which I’ve been using for the last two years. I accessed the benefits and made my decision.

This was the only big purchase I’ve made with crypto in the last year. I’ve tried to avoid it, other than bills and necessity. The last big electronic buy I’ve made was the iPad Pro, and I’ve had no regrets at all. Work related hardware has been a worthwhile investment, and this new phone falls within that criteria. I’m going to try and set up small shoots with @vermillionfox and one or two other friends in Minneapolis, just to stress test the cameras. I’m currently restoring from a back up and then re-downloading Halide.

@lovejoy and I have been talking about doing a podcast of sorts, and shooting some video spanning various blockchain project initiatives. This is much more than an expensive toy and Steemit is the best place to show off the experimental new technology and art it can create. I’ll be taking it for a spin the weekend and early next week. Thanks for following and supporting my blog. For more art, photography, technology and insights on life, follow me here @kommienezuspadt. Good night!


Man it got 3 cameras?! holly molly!
So now apple is a camera brand than a phone brand! :D

I'm still on I-Phone 7 and hardly believe will have any free $$$ to get this new model.. no chances

Great gold toning fits just cool for this presentation

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The back part of the mobile is so gorgeous that it seems like a very expensive back part."

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Hello Lars, how are you doing? I'am glad to be able to read your post again this morning. Here it is already morning and I will start your activities. I'm sure you will be able to sleep well tonight. Maybe a glass of milk before going to sleep can help you sleep. wow .. your cellphone is very sophisticated, sir. I think that's the latest model. It hasn't even entered my country yet. Yes, you're right, buddy, we have to spend cryptos to make cryptos. I make crypto only by posting. And I only use a simple handphone compared to you. Have a nice day, sir.

I always have a mental match going on when it comes to spending crypto instead of fiat. I feel like I've been accumulating at great prices and spending them now is like shorting them to me.

Sounds good! And the photography is looking so beautiful! Good work!! Keep it up!!

Have a nice day!!

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Let me know how you like it! I’m thinking about getting one next month (maybe the max) to get better footage on my drawing vids. I’ve had the 6 for so long I feel anything would be better 😂

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Did you get the new green colour? It seems to be selling well.

So brave for such a purchase! I'm still holding on tight 😁 the phone looks nice so I guess it's worth a go :)

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Jesus! The 11 pro? That's huuuuuggggeee? I'm waiting for that shoot with @vermillionfox really I heard one can even shoot the moon withs it's camera hahaha way to go, sorry for the stress

Muy buen post. En mi país la recomendación es que: El que no arriesga no gana. Y sigue aportando mucho a la gran comunidad Steem muchas gracias.

I got mine in Midnight Green :>

My first iphone~ * ___ *

Hello @kommienezuspadt! Congratulation on purchasing the latest iPhone! Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you'll do with it as well as sharing with the community ;)

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The photos look so good!

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Lol you're even more obsessed with Apple than I am. Sadly, or thankfully for my wallet, I haven't been excited about the past couple iPhones. But I look forward to seeing what kind of photos you can take with that beast of a phone.

What a great father you are! You post early so you don't waste time with your son, Great! Besides, I usually sleep very late and it's worse because the next day you are very tired.

WOOOOWW! Simply beautiful!!! It looks so elegant! I have never had an iPhone, well, to not go into details I have not had phones that serve for something else besides calling and sending messages lol ;(, How much money will a baby of those be?.
I like your title, if it is something that will help you, it is not an expense, it is an investment.

Están muy buenas las fotos, pero en lo personal los nuevos modelos de IPhone en cuanto a diseño no hubo mucha innovación, porque las ubicaciones de los lentes de las cámaras son muy similares a las del Huawei Mate 20(anteriormente solía ser al revés Huawei con similitudes con el iPhone)

What's the verdict, Lars? Did you get the max or the reg, @kommienezuspadt ?